Thursday, June 4, 2009

So much going on!

I went to my dad's this morning, to get the oil changed and everything look at on my car. Everything looks good, other than the brakes, the tires, something in the gas line.. but you know.. lol

I adopted an adorable puppy today! Her name is Arya, she is half boxer half something else I don't remember what they said.. My old neighbor is going through a hard time right now and needed somebody to watch her for the weekend, so I brought her home. She is awfully cute, we will see if he gets her back ;) (that is her above!)
I got the call yesterday I have been waiting for.. I got a new job! I will be starting at a bank here in town on Monday the 15th. I'm pretty excited. I will be continuing at my current job, just taking on a second one and slowing getting out of the first job. The drive is just too far for me, and once winter rolls around it will be too much!


  1. Wow Congrats on the Job.. and what the heck are you doing with a dog.. I thought your landlord had that no dog rule..???? I figure you have been busy since we haven't seen you all week... hmmm too busy for your grandma and aunt.. I see how you are.. I assume the bank is in the town you live in??? is that right.. or the town I live in???? I now have a paying blog sponsor.. so excited..
    Alright I shall chat at you later.. enjoy the puppy for a couple of days.. he is adorable.
    Can't wait to hear about the new job..
    Talk to you soon.. Your favorite Auntie.. hehehehehehe.. Rene

  2. Send your friends over to my giveaway.. and stop by and click on my bike button, and on the uprinting stuff.. come on girl.. auntie wants to win that bike..I would look cute riding around town on that.. hehehehehe..oh my I have quite the sense of humor.. like right now I could ride it and sit in carline which is where I need to go in a minute...