Friday, June 5, 2009

Tattoo creations

This was my very first tatto, it's on the top of my left foot.. just a shooting star. My best friend has a matching on!
This was my second tattoo, it's on my back, right in the middle. The yellow rose is for my mom, then after I got it I was too afraid to tell her, hehe. But she knows now.

This tattoo is on the inside of my right ankle, it means "love".

This is my newest tattoo, and by far my favorite. I must say, Mike did an incredible job designing this.

I went yesterday and got yet another new tattoo.. I must say, I am getting rather addicted to these. A few people do not like the idea of them, but all of mine are easily covered up and not extremely tacky! So I thought I would put some pictures of my art work on here!


  1. So is the Dare one the last one? When I grow up, I want the Twin Towers on my shoulder and one around my ankle with stars and hearts. I don't think there is anything wrong with them unless you get really carried away and start getting peoples faces, names, skulls and crap like that or have them all over. You go girl!